Your feedback is what makes our work worthwhile so whenever a guest takes the time to get in touch and share their experience, it’s a real highlight for us. Recently Elmarie arranged a top-secret #flyAirNature birthday surprise at Magaliesberg Canopy Tour for her husband. He’d be told not to plan anything for the day, he got in the car with no idea where they were going as Elmarie acted as navigator, giving him directions of which roads to take and where to turn.

Magaliesberg Canopy Tour: view

Magaliesberg Canopy Tour: wide open spaces and beautiful views

“It looks like we are going Rustenburg way…” he kept saying.  It was only when they got to the turn-off with the big ‘Magaliesberg Canopy Tour’ sign that he guessed what his wife had planned – it was the perfect surprise and he was so excited!

But this was not an ordinary visit: Elmarie’s been bravely battling cancer for almost two years. She was so seriously ill she wasn’t sure how long she’d live but the wonderful news is that she’s now in remission and making the most of every precious moment. And she wanted to show her love and appreciation for all the care and support her husband has shown her while she was sick.

She sent an email to express her gratitude to the Magaliesberg Canopy Tour team for helping make their zipline adventure her husband’s best birthday gift ever.

She wrote:

“I have been telling everyone what a wonderful experience it is and that they should all try to do it at least once.

Magaliesberg Canopy Tour: Coming into land

Coming into land


For me, personally, it was very emotional and I actually cried…! Yes I was a bit scared, not of heights or anything else at all but… now, when I do things I have never done or never thought I would ever do, it means so much to be able to do it, to celebrate life that I can’t help but to start crying.

We went to Cape Town during the wildflower season last year – it was the first time and I started crying because it was so beautiful… And then yesterday…I know the guide did not understand why this tannie was crying so much, but that was just that the moment was so big for me.

So thank you to everyone, for treating me with dignity and helping me.”

It’s an honour to share the exhilaration of ziplining and assist courageous individuals like Elmarie enjoy the incredible beauty of the pristine wilderness areas, like the ancient mountains of the Magaliesberg biosphere. Being in nature is incredibly healing – those powerful feelings of awe and wonder the great outdoors inspires within us truly feeds our souls. We wish Elmarie and her husband many more amazing adventures together!


Magaliesberg Canopy Tour: mini safari

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