Research has shown that being outdoors reduces the risk of transmission:

* the #flyAirNature experience takes place in remote wilderness areas

* transport to the first platform is done in open-sided 4×4 vehicles and

* we will now also conduct registration, safety briefings and kit-up outside or in open covered areas

…so be sure to dress warmly.

With 20 years of experience providing safe, fun and highly enjoyable outdoor adventures, safety remains our top priority. As we gear up to get you ziplining again, we’ve added procedures to protect staff, clients and guides.

Our staff and guides will be educated on hygiene, immunity and safety recommendation best practices (both for at work and home) and these will be emphasised in regular meetings. To ensure a low transmission risk environment is maintained at all times, posters will be prominently displayed at our branches to keep these measures front of mind.

Other steps include:


If you have any additional concerns or special requests, please contact the branch directly (contact details can be found here) and they will assist.

We look forward to ‘hanging out’ with you in nature soon!


(Learn about the importance of the 3 D’s (distance, dose and dispersion) in this pertinent article from the Daily Maverick)