Safety is our #1 priority at Canopy Tours. Every day a new group of clients trust us with their lives and the well-being of their family or friends. In exchange we do our utmost to ensure that they ARE safe and that they FEEL safe, at all times. Why? Because our business depends on it, and because if they don’t feel safe they won’t be able to truly enjoy the Canopy Tour experience that we take them on.

Each branch’s zipline system have been designed and certified by a qualified engineer and out regular maintenance checks on all aspects of the tour, including the platforms, cables and client safety equipment are carried out. Our guides undergo an extensive training process followed by a period of supervised operation on the Canopy Tour under the watchful eye of an experienced trainer. When they have completed the required number of supervised trips they complete a final theory and practical assessment before they are permitted to become official Canopy Tour guides.



Canopy Tours first brought this concept to Africa and we have been operating safely and successfully for 17 years. We continue to consult with fellow adventure companies across the world and follow international best practice with regards to our operations and the safety of our clients.

Come and enjoy the #unzipAdventure thrill of a Canopy Tour – and feel how safety remains an integral part of our story.