Our first sunset-full moon zipline of the season proved to be a pretty splendid ‘night out’ in the mountains: aside from the spectacular views, it was also a celebration of true bravery. While it takes courage to even consider hurtling through the darkness attached to a cable, the real heroes were the large contingent of volunteer fire-fighters invited by Ryan (a volunteer fire-fighter himself) to have some fun in the great outdoors.

Talented photographers-fire fighters, David Morris and Andrew Hagen, captured the magic of the colourful LED lights worn by some of the intrepid adventurers as they soared the night-sky, creating a flight path that looked like it belonged to the lesser spotted Christmas unicorn.

Sunset silhouette (D. Morris)

Unicorn flight path (D.Morris)

LED ‘moon river’ (D. Morris)

Landing lights (D.Morris)


Lit up! (A. Hagen)

Across the abyss (A. Hagen)

‘Wireless’ streamers (A. Hagen)

And then, a few of our own shots… captured on nothing fancier than an iPhone. Some of these shots will give you an idea of just how dark it really is!

The walk in…

Photographers at work…


“Runway” in moonlight…

Walk the plank…

Zipliner in stealth mode…

Ready, steady…

… let’s go!

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