Whether it’s a road-trip or day-trip, spending time together has three major benefits:

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  1. Positive Change

For many of us, our Monday to Friday ‘normal’ routine is a busy schedule filled with homework, project deadlines, errands, sports, duties and a host of other, often stressful, activities. Stress, in its primordial form, was a helpful emotion that kept us on the alert and ready to respond to danger – however, in modern times, many people face the negative side of unrelenting stress and content challenges. Making time to break away from ‘daily grind’ helps provide necessary relief and avoid situations of chronic stress that can negatively impact your health.

As adventure-seekers step outside their comfort zones by exploring unfamiliar territory or pushing themselves to conquer their fears, research has shown that those who engage in a variety of activities instead of being stuck in a safe but boring rut are more likely to remain happy and stave off negative emotions that lead to anxiety or depression.

Adventuring together is even better for decreasing those stress levels: a Canadian researchers found that the majority of their study participants, a group of 900 lawyers, displayed lower stress levels in their daily lives after engaging in dynamic activities during their holidays.

Being active, especially in unspoiled wilderness areas, helps you stay fit, recuperate quicker and worry less. It can also help the family adopt healthy new habits that they can bring home with them – like exercising together.

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  1. Better Connection

While you might not have wifi, cell phone signal or even electricity when you ‘get away from it all, you’re likely to find that as soon as everyone is disconnected from their phone, social media and the TV, family connections deepen. Embarking on an adventurous vacation, even if it is just a camping trip, helps bring the family together to work as a team. A study by Purdue University in America found that engaging in group activities whilst on holiday promotes open and communication as well as encouraging solidarity. These factors stimulate the foundation of a healthy family dynamic while creating a cache of shared memories that help forge stronger and more enduring bonds between members.

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  1. Learn More

Travelling takes you out of your comfort zone and exposes you to challenges you are unlikely to encounter in your normal 9-5 life. Parents get to model proactive problem solving, patience and tenacity which helps kids learn how to be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances.

Exposing your kids to different environments, people and cultures is a great way for expand their world view, learn interesting new facts, embrace diversity and experience the thrill of discovering something for the first time. This helps foster self-confidence, resilience and happiness.

By getting outdoors and taking the family to explore unique ecosystems, not only will they benefit from ‘green therapy’ but these magical experiences are likely to inspire them to become champions for the nature. As Senegalese environmentalist Baba Dioum wisely explained: “In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we have been taught.”

Face your fears and reach new heights

If you’re looking for an exciting and unusual outing for the whole family that’ll provide you with these great benefits, come #unzipAdventure with us! Our ziplining experiences are a safe and fun to get an eagle’s eye view of some of Southern Africa’s most beautiful wilderness areas and meet local guides who share their passion and knowledge of the local flora and fauna. Better yet, take them on a tour of the all seven branches (we have a wonderful Frequent Flier option that offers you great discounts the more systems you fly), where they can learn about the different provinces, ecosystems and cultures that form the rich tapestry of our ‘natural heritage’.  Here are more details of branch locations and tour bookings.


Sit back and enjoy your natural heritage… together!