When Angela became ill, her formerly active, outdoorsy lifestyle was replaced by oncology consultations, blood tests and operations. Determined to find a way her to experience life to the full, friend and former colleague, Nigel devised an extraordinary ‘bucket list’… and a #flyAirNature adventure was on it!

To make this dream a reality required planning and problem solving to overcome various medical obstacles but after careful consultation with (and signed consent from) her doctor, we were able to offer a custom designed zipline experience especially for this courageous woman.

In an email to friends, Angela wrote:
“Our day could not have been more perfect: My energy levels were buoyed by Monday’s chemo steroids, the weather perfect, and our hosts Tamaryn and Ryan Larkman, warm and welcoming. They were incredibly attentive to my special medical needs i.e. had sent Nigel close-ups photographs of the harness, ensured that our guides were all infection free and geared for an emergency exit should it be needed. One has the option to exit after the 2nd zipline, but after that you are committed.

Needless to say having gotten that far there was no turning back. My spirit soared across the valley freeing me from my broken body and leading me back into my soul. The experience, that lasts a couple of hours in total, was over all too soon for me. While there was a physical price to pay the following day, my spirit continues to walk on sunshine and it is an outing that I strongly recommend…”


We salute Angela’s incredible bravery – she truly is an inspiration!