Last year, we discovered that one of our adventurous guests, Stephanie Jacobs, had ziplined with us a total of 16 (yes, sixteen!) times! Canopy Tours South Africa founder and owner, Mark Brown, got in touch to find out more about this intrepid traveller to find out a little more about this amazing woman:

Stephanie in eSwatini!


63 year old Stephanie lives in Sasolburg and enjoys outdoor life and has always been an adventurous person even though her age makes it’s a bit more difficult. Although she struggles walking fast now but she preserves to always ‘get it done’ and makes the most of every day. She explains:

“My holidays were always backpacking, and I have done numerous back packing trips around South Africa and even in Namibia. I have hiked nearly all the well know backpacking trails around the country. Unfortunately, due to some back problems I had to stop the backpacking as I cannot carry the loads anymore.”


Mark asked her a few more questions.

MB: How did you first hear about Canopy Tours and please tell us how you felt about your very first Canopy Tour?

SJ: I heard about Canopy Tours in Weg magazine, and I was scared the first time. It was the Magaliesberg Canopy Tour and I just closed my eyes and went for it! After that first slide I was hooked.

Henry – Stephanie’s partner in adventure

MB: What does your husband and family think about your adventurous streak?

SJ: My husband also enjoys the tours, but unfortunately due to work commitments he is not always able to go every time with me. But I take every opportunity and I’m happy to go alone. My children are not that adventurous, they would rather stay glued to their phones. I do not appreciate people clinging to their phones – as the more you connect on your phone the less you communicate face to face with people.

Stephanie (left), Dewald (centre) from Cape Canopy Tour and Henry (right)

MB: Yup, what we love about Canopy Tours is that they get people outdoors into nature and away from their screens. So what is biggest journey you have taken to do a Canopy Tour?

SJ: That was definitely to the Magoebaskloof Canopy Tour. In one day we left home at 3am and drove for 6 hours to get there. It was raining when we arrived and they asked us if we wanted to go in the rain. We did, we were the only two people on the tour – it was a wonderful experience! Then we had our meal and drove all the way back again home on that same day. We came back totally flat. It was still worthwhile and I won’t forget the amazing waterfalls in the rain.

MB: That is some serious commitment. What other adventure activities have you tried around South Africa?

SJ: I did tandem paragliding on a visit to my sister that lived in George at that stage. My backpacking trips were all adventurous and very enjoyable – especially the ones in the Drakensberg.

Gliding like #unzipAdventure pros through the forest canopy

MB: Do you think a lot of South Africans are too nervous to try an adventure activity, and how can we encourage more of them to sign up for and adventure rather than spend so much time in shopping malls?

SJ: I really don’t think so many people should be afraid of heights. My personal feeling is the new technology is killing our children, and they would rather chat on phones than enjoying life and chatting with other people in nature. I wish I can now how to encourage more people to participate in life rather than the phones, it will make our world so much better. Maybe out there someone can think of a way to use this new technology to advertise this amazing way to experience nature by Canopy Tours. I would also like the Canopy Tours to be a bit slower so people can enjoy more time on the platforms to appreciate nature, take photos, have a chat with each other, and get some info regarding the trees, animals and eco systems of each Canopy Tour.

Stephanie and Henry making new friends at Karkloof Canopy Tour

MB: You must have some great memories of Canopy Tour experiences with friends and family. What was your most memorable moment/s during a Canopy Tour?

SJ: When my son did Magaliesberg Canopy Tour with me and his children he was very scared. He had to stop, sit down and pray before the start. My grandchild had to say “Come on Dad! Just go, we are also waiting to go now.”

At Magaliesberg we were fortunate to see the kudus, lots of other buck and the baboons.

The waterfalls and the trees and birds are what I still remember about Magoebaskloof and Karkloof, and at Tsitsikamma we even saw the rare Knysna Loerie.

MB: Where would you like to see us put up the next Canopy Tour?

SJ: Much closer to where I live! Or maybe at the Kruger National Park – I really do not know as I suppose lots of things have to be taken in consideration before such project can be efficient and attract people and then availability and location. I want to also thank you all for keeping the nature and environment in a good place as we all need to contribute to saving South Africa – keep up this good work and encourage all people to do so where ever they go or live.

Coming in to land like an accomplished zipliner!

MB: What tip or advice would you give someone who was thinking about doing a Canopy Tour but was a bit afraid?

The safety of Canopy Tours is very good, and the guides are well trained. I say “Just go for it, you only live once, and it’ll be too late to do it when you are in a coffin!” It is surely an experience everyone should do at least once in their lives.


Thank you Stephanie. With the experience of 16 Canopy Tours already to your name, you certainly follow the advice you give. We look forward to welcoming you back for number 17 one day!

Smiling happy people living the best life: our favourite thing to see!

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