Earlier this year, an exciting new record was set at our Karkloof Canopy Tour branch when the intrepid Joyce Evans, broke her own record as the oldest guest to #flyAirNature at 94 years old, taking the bar up two notches to reset the record at 96!

She was part of a group of 21 seniors from Dawncliffe Homes in Westville for whom GECCO (Gospel Express Children’s Club Outreach) had arranged an adventurous day out in the midlands, a rare opportunity to
experience something complete different to their normal routine.

As Mabel Marchant exclaimed “A big big thank you for organising this outing for us today, it was exciting, awesome, and we werespoilt rotten, and it was once in a lifetime experience for me!”

What an inspiration Joyce and her friends are – proving that you’re never too old to zipline and the best way to stay young at heart is to keep having fun.

We certainly hope that we’ll still be gliding through the treetops in our nineties… don’t you?